How To Apply 

Step 1
Apply a line of magnetic lash boutique eye liner to the lash line and allow to dry for 2 minutes 

Step 2 (Optional)
Apply a coat of mascara to your own lashes to help them blend in 


Step 3 
Remove the first lash from the box by lifting from the outer edge then gently sit the lash on top of the eye liner to allow them to magnetise to the eye liner. It is important they are hugging the natural lash line. 


Step 4 
Repeat step 1 to 3 on the second eye and bam! You're ready to go! Wear to work, to yoga or simply just because you can! They will last all day whatever the weather. 
Gently lift the lash from the outer edge and store them back in the box to ensure they keep their shape this will help prolong the amount of times you can use them. Remove the eye liner with a cotton wool pad and an oil based make up remover.


 Enjoy! X 

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